Customer Experience (CX): Creating exceptional Customer Experience that endures across channels with CX disciplines and Tech tools

Trinity: Taj Vivanta

Organizations and businesses that deliver a superior customer experience are thriving, because customers expect their interactions with companies to meet and even exceed their expectations. Customers reward the organizations and businesses that deliver the best customer experience with loyalty and advocacy. This means that businesses and organizations must be experts in customer experience management by knowing and adapting to their customers. To properly understand a customer requires depth of knowledge gained by getting insights from all touchpoints and channels. It also requires top-notch customer data analysis that is delivered in real time. This panel would put focus on the few of many points on CX.

Key Discussion Pointers:

  • Defining Customer experience at every step in Customer lifecycle, including the shift from just a human interaction to Digital experience
  • Measuring and analysing customer behaviour, ┬áincluding insights, analytics, engagement, loyalty, retention, profitability, ROI, and more.
  • Implementing the preferred CX strategy for your product/services
  • Crafting CX path for gen Z and Millennials to ensure right sizing the audience